31 year old mum of 2 (above and below)

46 year old customer (below) after 5 weeks

Mum tum vastly reduced in first two weeks for this mum of two below

45 year old mum of 6 (below)

She lost 1 stone 7 pounds, and went from a size 14 to a size 10 in 7 weeks. 


She lost heavily from her lower tummy and tops of legs

Was approaching the age of 50 (below) and wanted to be more toned for her holidays.

4 stones in weight lost in 4 months

The customer (above and below) became slimmer on her face too.

45 year old customer (below) with more toned tummy after 5 sessions.

30 year old customer, 6 weeks apart.


9 pounds in weight down and 43cm lost with legs and lower tummy taking big losses.

Changes in 5 weeks for 34 year old mum of 2.


Customer age 49, had suffered two strokes and had very limited mobility, she lost 3 stones in weight and last 135cm from all areas of the body in around 3 to 4 months.

Customer age 51 (below) 6 to 7 weeks apart.

Ideal for 30 somethings who want to be toned, rather than become muscular (below).

4 weeks apart for 30 year old mum of 2 (below) - red line shows reduction on her tummy

Customer age 38 went from size 16 to a size 10 with 40 minutes per week, she lost 53cm with legs and lower tummy taking a big loss.

If you are training multiple times per week and not getting results like the ones above, then why waste any more of your time training hard, putting in all the effort in return for poor results?

THE OPTIONS - starting with the cheapest.


One off payment  - £10


A diet which I email over to you, which has worked on my customers.

This is cheaper than any opther option out there.


One off payment  - £15


Cheaper than joining a class or joining a gym I can email you a list of exercises that I believe would work for you based on the information you give me

This is cheaper than any opther fitness option out there.


One off payment  - £25

I come to your house and show you a list of exercises that you could do in you home at a time to suit you, this would take around 45 to 60 minutes.


This is advised if you are new to exercise and have very little knowledge of methods of training.


Once you paid the £25 thats it, so this option is cheaper than a gym or joining a class, and you train as many times per week as you want





You need this option, its the martial arts based fitness workout.


Kick and punch your way to a lean toned all over bodyshape within the next few weeks.


The people in the above photos do lots of martial arts based fitness exercises, which gives them the results as seen with only one training session per week.


Train once per week or once every 14 days


£30 per session for 60 minutes



A more mainstream fitness workout


Using exercises like pressups, situps, burpees,crunches, starjumps etc...this is for people who prefer more commonly used, mainsteam exercises.


This is the option for you if you want your fitbit stats to show high readings

(calorie counter and heart rate montor stats)


This is also a cheaper than option 4


You can do this more than once per week if you are wanting a greater level of commitment, or I can give you additional exercises that you can do in your free time.


£23 per session.



Text or ring - 07400 572300

Email -