• 103cm lost from legs and body.
  • 1 training session per week.
  • Before and after 10 weeks apart.
  • Would you like to see results like the one above?
  • Can you commit yourself to one hour per week of fitness?

This is not a diet, eating plan, slimming wraps or meal replacement shakes. 


This one hour per week of personal training in the home, if you are willing to commit yourself to one hour per week then you could see results like the one above, or the ones below

A cheaper option is to attend one of the group classes. 

Post baby size 14 to a toned size 10 in 8 weeks (and 28 pounds lighter) for a 34 year old mum of two.

Class member standing on back row holding a blue water bottle.

See how much baby tummy fat this customer lost in 10 weeks?

We are holding tape measure where customer's tummy was 10 weeks previously.

22cm of tummy fat (especially baby tummy fat) lost in 2 weeks for this customer.

45 year old customer with more toned tummy in 5 weeks.

Female customer age 51 (below) regained shape she had years ago in weeks.

This is fitness that works for the grandmas and the 50 somethings. 


So if you are in your 20s and trying the latest slimming pills, diets, or the latest fad workout and it's not working then why not try a workout that works for people in their 50s?

This 31 year old mum of 3 lost a staggering amount from the tops of her legs (13cm from tops of this leg).

We are holding tape measure to show where her legs were 10 weeks previously.

This 40 year old mum of 3 lost lots from her legs and tummy.  Depsite the fact she is wearing bulky tracksuit bottoms we can still see a significant loss from her leg.

Had she been wearing leggings then the loss would be more visibl.  The tape measure illustrates where her leg was when she started training.

10.5 pounds in weight lost and 20.5cm lost from body in 2 weeks

Before and after, 5 weeks apart

42 year old customer, her waist belt was left unusable after 4 weeks.  Her left index finger is pointing to last notch on her waist belt.

22cm lost from tops of legs for this customer

Leaner in weeks


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