If you want similar results to the people on this website then you need follow the same fitness programme.


All customers on this page do one fitness session per week.


Customer, 45 years old

4 stones in weight lost in 4 months

31 year old mum of 3

She lost 148cm from all areas of the body, 4 stones in weight and numerous dress sizes

22cm of baby tummy fat lost in 2 weeks

The customer below has had 2 strokes and is limited as to what she can do (she is unable to do tummy exercises), however in 6 sessions she lost 65cm from areas measured with the bulk of the loss coming from the tummy area.

Changes seen in 7 days (below)

This customer has a lower back problem (curved spine) and she also struggles to do any abdominal exercises (so no situps).


Her goal is to be toned for her summer holidays, and this photo below shows the changes she made in the first 7 days

36 year old mum of 2

38 year old mum of 2, she trained 45 minutes per week.

53.5cm lost from all areas of body and size 16 to a size 12

Achieved in 10 weeks.


The customer below almost lost a leg in an accident a few years ago so she is very limited as to what she can do when training her legs.  However the training methods used have toned this customer up.

58cm lost

22cm from tops of each leg (44cm in total)

Leaner more toned 46 year old in 5 weeks.

Photo shows how much baby tummy fat was lost in 10 weeks for 31 year old mum of 3.

Tape is being held where her tummy was 10 weeks previously.

Changes seen in 10 sessions.

8 weeks apart (below)

Changes seen by week number 6


Just follow the same programme as the above people.

You will be seeing results from day 1

The person below took this photo the day after her first personal training session (photos are 24 hours apart). 


She lost 19.05cm in one day with the bulk of the loss coming from her lower tummy area.


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