The legs, bottom and tummy are heavily worked during the first part of the fitness session and the rest of the body is worked during the second part of the class.


The classes are a mix of circuit training, abdominal work, high intensity fitness training, sprints, boxercise and bodyweight exercises. 


The sessions are run on an open format to cater for all fitness levels.


If you find attending a group difficult why not try personal training in your home?


All equipment is supplied (which I can carry in both hands) and you choose the workout that best suits you.


Workouts can be martial arts based (kicks and punches), circuit, abdominal etc... all workouts are put together based on your needs and the area of the body to be worked.


I've been involved in martial arts since the early 1990s, I competed at Judo at North of England level in the late 1990s and gained my black belt during this period.


In addition to Judo I also trained in Karate, Thai Boxing, Submission Wrestling, Shootfighting and Jujitsu  I trained in martial arts from 1993 to 2003.


In January 2013 I returned to martial arts and now I train in Brazilian Jujitsu.  I also enjoy training alongside the class members and I enjoy walking in the peak district at the weekend for my own fitness.


Although my own background is in martial arts I don't coach martial arts during the group classes (apart from a kick that could be used as part of the circuit).


Martial Arts (kicking and punching) tends to be used for people who do the personal training at home.  If you want a lean bodyshape then martial arts is an absolute must.  Martial arts tends to be the most popular workout for people who do the personal training at home.


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