• Full abdominal workout
  • Circuit Training
  • Boxercise
  • Sprints and running drills
  • Kicks from martial arts
  • Exercises to tone legs and get rid of cellulite


Class content will alter each week to prevent boredom and to ensure the workout remains varied and interesting.


  • Post baby size 14 to a very slim size 10 (and 28 pounds lighter) for a 33 year old mum of two, inside  2 months.
  • 9 pounds in weight lost in first 4 sessions
  • 47cm lost from whole body in 7 weeks.

Some people come to class as an extra to the fitness work they currently do.  For example, at our sessions we have footballers,  netball players and people who run marathons.


Some people come to get fit (and tone up), others come as it's an alternative form of fitness training.


Some people prefer training at home because it's more convenient.  When training at home people tend to do martial arts (kicks and punches against pads).

The lady below is 50 years old.  She decided to do personal training at home so she could regain her shape in the privacy of her own environment.  Martial Arts has been highly effective for her in toning all areas of her body.  She trains once per week.

All workouts are put together based on your needs and the area of the body you want the most work on.  The workout is also put together based on the type of training you enjoy.


My training background is in martial arts.  However these fitness sessions have been adapted and are aimed at the fitness market.


I trained in martial arts from 1992 to 2003.  I competed at North of England level around 200 times (gradings and contests combined) during the late 1990s and I also gained my black belt during the period.


In addition to Judo I also trained in Karate, Submission Wrestling, Thai Boxing, Jujitsu and Shootfighting.  I retired from judo contests in August 2000, but continued to train in Karate and Shootfighting until 2003.


In January 2013, after a 10 year gap, I returned to Martial Arts and now train in Brazilian Jujitsu.  In addition to martial arts I have done some circuit training (but many things that are done in circuit are used as a warmup when doing martial arts). 


I also enjoy going for walks in the peak district and of course I keep myself fit by training alongside my class members.


These workouts are suitable for both sexes.


All our classes have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and new starters are welcome to join at any time.


Look at the location tabs at the top of this website and then book onto that session.  The quickest way to book on is to text 0754 8851357, or you can email if you wish.


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