If you are looking for an alternative way to train and you like to sweat then this could a good workout for you to try.

At our classes you'll be doing circuit training, abdominal work, kicks from martial arts, shuttle running, boxercise, bodyweight exercise and paired fitness work.
Much of the cardio based training comes from my martial arts background so many of the exercises used in these classes are different to what you'd find in a circuit training session (circuit training favourites are included in our group classes).
This is an alternative way to get fit for people who enjoy high intensity fitness training.

Kicks are a huge favourite for our class members as they are a fantastic way to tone the legs and tummy.  You won't have to hold the pads until you feel comfortable to do so (instructor will hold the pad until you feel able to do so)

For those who attend bootcamps or circuit training, you'll be more familiar with exercises such as this one.  We do all the circuit favourites at these classes.


I trained in martial arts from 1993 to 2003, I trained in karate, submission grappling, judo, shootfighting, thai boxing and traditional jujitsu.  I got my black belt and completed North of England level in Judo.


I trained 40% Judo and 60% the other martial arts.


In January 2013 after a 10 year absence I returned to martial arts and trained in Brazilian Jujistsu for around 2 and 1/2 years.  I still train although less frequenty and this is due to the growth of my own business.

However I train alongside my class members when I can at the sessions.


Email - fitness_sheffield@hotmail.com


Phone - 0754 885 1357