Full body fitness sessions that'll have you toned in weeks.

  • Post baby size 14 to a slim size 10 and 28 pounds lighter in 8 sessions for a 34 year old mum of two

(In main picture standing on back row holding a blue water bottle)

  • 53 pounds in weight for a 55 year old male class member.

(male class member in this photo).


Personal training takes place in the customer's home and all workouts are put together to meet the needs of the individual. 


Many of my customers end up doing the martial arts based fitness workout.  This is due to the very fast results this training produces.


Friend's fitness is fitness training for small groups of friends (2 to 4 people normally).  You'll get to do the same workout as the people who do personal training.


This customer lost 22cm of tummy fat in 2 weeks.

45 year old customer with a more toned tummy after 5 sessions

Female customer (below) age 51 regained figure she had years ago.  Male customer (below) age 62 with a heart condition also became slimmer due to the training.

Female customer (below) age 42, her waist belt was left useless after her sessions, her left index finger is pointing to last belt hole one her belt.

Massive changes were seen for this customer after 6 sessions.


I started Judo back in the early 1980s as a 5 year old and trained for about 4 years.

In 1992, I went back to Judo got my black belt and competed at North of England level during the 1990s.

I was also training in Thai Boxing, Submission Grappling, Karate, Shoot fighting, traditional jujitsu from 1992 to 2003.

I had a 10 year gap from martial arts but returned in January 2013 and now I do Brazilian Jujitsu.

Despite training since the 1980s I've never had any joint injuries and not one of my customers has been injured either.

When training in the martial arts listed I was coached by world class instructors, some who were Olympic standard, some who were extremely highly ranked within their own martial arts (7th or 8th Dan black belts)

The personal training I do is simply an adapted martial arts workout that can be done by people at home (almost all my customers are female).

It also explains why my customers get freakish results and its important to say the fitness offered is not the same as doing a bootcamp.


If you want to see the back of your cellulite, back fat etc... then you need to be doing this fitness training,

To give you an idea of who taught me (my instructors) this is one of them. I have to stress this instructor is "one of many"


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If you want similar results to my customers then you need to do the same fitness plan that's done by my customers.


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