Why you should consider martial arts for personal training.

If you decide to do personal training then you are going to gain a leaner, more toned bodyshape very quickly.


You'll be taught some easy punching and kicking techniques.  These techniques and combinations are taken from martial arts such as karate and thai boxing.

Toned in your 40s (class member above 43) and toned in your 50s (below age 50).

The photo above was taken a few weeks after she started training at home.

Results seen by customers

  • Post baby size 14 to a very trim size 10 (and 28 pounds lighter) for a 33 mum of 2 children, achieved in 8 weeks.
  • 40 and 50 something female customers seeing cellulite wiped out, gaining a very trim bodyshape and even regaining the bodyshape they had up to 25 years previously.
  • A male customer (age 61) being discharged by his cardiologist,  becoming much fitter and regaining the shape he had years ago.  When he commenced training he was having heart problems.
  • Female customer (age 25) saw her situp score increase from 18 situps to 28 situps.  Achieved after one session.
  • A phenominal 47cm lost from all areas of the body for a 36 year old mum of 2 children, a complete change in bodyshape.

If you do this training then expect to see fast changes.

How many people can do personal training?

Maximum of two people.

Instructor background

I gained my black belt and competed at North of England level in Judo during the 1990s.  I was also training in Karate, Submission Grappling, Thai Boxing, Shootfighting and Traditional Jujitsu.  I trained in these martial arts from 1993 to 2003.


In January 2013 after a ten year absence I returned to martial arts and for the past two years I have been doing Brazilian Jujitsu.

Why I personally believe in martial arts for fitness

In January 2013 when I returned to martial arts I weighed a hefty 14 stones and 7 pounds.  Bear in mind when I was competing in Judo I weighed 8 stones and 12 pounds.  When I stopped training martial arts in 2003 I still weighed less than 10 stones.


From 2003 to 2013 I swapped martial arts for all the new faddy workouts that popped up on the scene and my weight started to rocket.  I was also jogging, but despite this my weight ballooned and I became quite fat.


In January 2013 I returned to martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu) and 35 pounds fell off me inside 2 months (or two and a half stones).  My bodyshape went from fat to toned very quickly.


Despite the fact I'm only training once a week I'm wearing the same sized clothes now that I wore a decade ago and I'm the fittest I've been for years


Martial arts not only works for my customers,  martial arts works for me personally.


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