We have numerous fitness classes around the city that are aimed at people who like to do their fitness training within group environments.


Our classes include circuit training, abdominal work, punching punchbags (or mitts), sprints and running drills as well as fitness work done in pairs.


Sessions include kicks from martial arts (instructor always holds kickshield - for safety reasons).  Kicks are fantastic for toning legs and are very popular with our female class members.


I trained from 1992 to 2003, I competed at north of England level in Judo and got my black belt.  In additon to this I trained in karate, shoot fighting, submission wrestling, thai boxing and jujitsu.  After about 200 contest bouts (gradings and contests combined) I retired from contests in August 2000, however I continued to train in karate and shootfighting until 2003.


In 2013, I returned to martial arts and I now train in Brazilian Jujitsu.   I've always enjoyed fitness and I also trained in circuit training for additional fitness.   I also enjoy going for walks at the weekend.


The fitness work from my training background combined with circuit training make for a highly effective fitness session.  Its also an alternative way to get fit.


If you enjoy intense cardio based fitness training, then you'll probably enjoy these sessions.






Send at text to 0754 8851357 and book onto the session of your choice