Our challenging full body fitness workouts will ensure you go from flabby to fit within weeks.  At our classes you'll receive a workout that hits all parts of the body.


Although intense, these fitness sessions are run on an open format and are able to cater for new starters as well as people with advanced fitness levels.


Our fitness sessions have a friendly atmosphere.


Go from flabby to fit. Train hard and eat good food, its the most effective method of fighting flab.


My background is in martial arts. In the late 1990s I competed at North of England level in Judo and got my black belt.
In addition to Judo I also trained in Karate, Thai Boxing, Submission Grappling, Jujitsu and Shootfighting.  I currently train in Brazilian Jujitsu for my own fitness.
Although my background is martial arts, these are not martial arts classes these are fitness classes and are aimed at the fitness market.
At our fitness sessions we have all kinds of people who train.  These include half marathon runners, to footballers.  We also have people who simply attend the sessions so they can be slim (to put it bluntly)
Regardless of who you are, or what you train, our classes have something to offer most people.
Look at the location tabs at the top of the page (High Green, Dore etc) and then contact 0754 8851357 to get started.


Some people prefer training at home because it's more convenient.  The majority do personal training at home because they wish to do martial arts fitness (kicking and punching)

Martial arts training is fantastic for toning. The lady in the picture is 50 years old but has regained the shape she had many years ago.