These are what I gave to my customers to help boost their results, they included stir fries, curries, soups, the morning shake recipe and simple snack ideas.  In most cases the meals took between 10 and 15 minutes to prepare and cook.


This was home personal training that ran until March 23rd and my customers trained once per week for their results. 


Customers trained once per week as they lead busy lifestyles, for example demanding work commitments and looking after children, taking their own children to sports clubs (caring for grandchildren in some cases).  This is training that has been proven to work for the over 50s, grandparents and women who have had 6 children.


The aim is that people who do this online fitness will only need to train once per week to see results.


Monday 9:30am and 6pm


Tuesday 9:30am and 5pm


Wednesday 9am


Thursday 6pm


Friday 9am


Eating ideas (25 recipes) - £17


Fitness training - 1 session £4.50


Fitness Training - 2 sessions £7


Unlimited fitness sessions for 1 month - £20


Eating ideas and unlimited fitness sessions for 1 month - £25