Customer, 45 years old

4 stones in weight lost in 4 months

31 year old mum of 3

Changes in 8 weeks.

22cm of baby tummy fat lost in 2 weeks

Changes seen in 6 weeks for 38 year old customer

38 year old customer

She lost 53.5cm over a 10 week period, she trained for around 40 minutes per week.


She went from a size 16 to a size 12.

36 year old mum of 2

41 year old customer, she became slimmer in her 40s than she was in her 30s (photo on left).

Customer age 30, with vastly reduced lower tummy.

This photo shows changes in 5 weeks, the black line on both photos shows where customer's tummy was when she began training.


The red line shows where her tummy was after 5 sessions.

30 minutes per week

22cm from tops of each leg (44cm in total)

How much baby tummy fat was lost in 10 weeks.

8 sessions completed for 48 year old customer

Customer's become slimmer even on their faces

Customer age 45 years old, became much slimmer

Customer age 44, with much slimmer tummy in 5 sessions.


All the customers above are doing a martial arts based fitness workout, they are spending their fitness sessions doing various kicking and punching techniques against the pads and kickshields.


This is the reason for the results seen in such as short space of time.


Elbow strikes are used to tone the bingo wings (upper arms) and also the tummy.

Everytime somebody kicks or punches the pads they have to twist their tummy to generate power for the technque.


This is why all martial arts techniques wipe out tummy fat so effectively.

Kicks obliterate cellulite and give customers lean toned legs (rather than muscular legs)

Like punches kicks are fantastic for toning the lower tummy, so ideal for getting rid of flab from this problem area.  Ideal for people who are aged over 40.

The vast majority of customers do martial arts only.


However some of my customers like to include circuit training at part of the training, this is only if the customer wants this adding in addition to the martial arts.

Everything combined is highly effective for people of all ages.


  • Martial arts obliterates bodyfat leaving my customers with lean toned all over bodyshapes.
  • Martial arts is very light on the body and can be enjoyed by people in their 60s as well as people with injuries or other ailments.
  • People who do this training find it more enjoyable than going on running machines or the cross trainer.

You will be seeing results from day 1

The person below took this photo the day after her first personal training session (photos are 24 hours apart). 


She lost 19.05cm in one day with the bulk of the loss coming from her lower tummy area.


One fitness session per week, average training time 45 minutes


Trial = £18

After trial session.

Option 1

£100 for 4 sessions (to be completed in 4 weeks).

Option 3

£110 for 4 sessions (to be completed in 6 weeks)

Option 4

£120 for 4 sessions (unlimited time to complete)

I will pay £5 if you decide to do an after photo.


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