Mix and match the recipes that appeal to you, the costs are


£3 per recipe

£8 for 3 recipes

£12 for 6 recipes

£20 for 20 recipes

£25 for all recipes

Breakfast shake recipe

Takes around 30 seconds to prep, keeps you fuller for longer into the morning reducing the need to snack.

Soup list

0.5) Vegetable soup (cauliflower, courgette, carrot etc...)

1) Carrot and celery soup

2) Carrot and onion soup

3) French onion soup

4) Pea soup

5) Vegetable soup (2 versions with the soup maker and without)

6) Brocolli and garlic soup

7) Spicey parsnip soup

Curry list

8) Easy slow cook chicken curry, takes around 5 minutes to prepare and a fantastic curry is waiting 5 hours later

9) Thai red prawn curry (quick to prepare)

10) Prawn Korma (quick to prepare)

11) Spinach and chickpea curry

12) Chicken tikka masala

13) Chicken and red pepper tikka masala

14) Chilli con carne, 2 recipes (slow cook and non slow cooked version)

15) Easy chicken korma

16) Slow cook chicken leg and vegetable curry

17) Red pepper chilli con carni (alternative version)

18) Chick pea curry

19)Red thai chicken vegetable curry

Slow cooked meals

20) slow cook chicken and veg recipe (2 versions)

8) Easy slow cook chicken curry (its the one above)

21) Easy slow cook chicken curry (different version to number 8)

22) Chicken and vegetable casserole

Stir fries

23) Sirlion steak stir fry

24) Chicken and vegetable egg stir fry

25) Chicken and vegetable noodle stir fry

26) Tomato and egg stir fry

27) Stir fry salmon noodles

Pasta dinners

28) Ham, mushroom and pesto spaghetti

29) Tomatoes, anchovies and pine nut pasta

30) Tomatoes, olives and prawn pasta

31) Paella

Snack ideas

32) Salmon and sweetcorn fishcakes

33) Oven chicken legs

Overnight oats and omelettes

There are 7 different recipe ideas for overnight oats (for brekfast) and also various omelette eating ideas.