Changes in 4 weeks for customer age 42


She went from 11 stone 5 pounds down to 10 stone 5 pounds and lost 31cm overall.

4 stones lost in 5 months for 36 year old mum of 3.

76cm lost in 9 weeks for customer age 45 with fibromyalgia, she was slightly limited with movement but she got good results.

Changes in 6 weeks for 35 year old mum of 2.

9 stone 12 pounds down to 9 stone 3 pounds (loss of 9 pounds) for 31 year old mum of two.  She lost 44cm overall with tummy area being heavily reduced, achieved in 6 weeks.

There are more results at bottom of this page


Until March 2020 this was a thriving home personal training business, my customers did a martial arts based fitness workout and my customers would see significant results based on one fitness session per week.


My customers would spend their sessions kicking and punching the pads plus doing lots of martial arts based fitness training.   


By July it was clear things were not going back to how they used to be before March 2020, that is when the online fitness training began.



Many people reading this webpage may well be coming from outdoor bootcamps or indoor circuit training backgrounds, you may also do HIIT workouts.  


So, for this reason all online fitness sessions will include favourites from circuit training, exercises like squats, starjumps will be included in all sessions as well as a full abdominal workout.



You will also do some of the fitness training followed by my customers that helped them achieve their results.


Exercises such as maggots, leg triangles, seonage drills, plus much of the abdominal work that we used to do back in the days when I was training, these exercises are hugely effective toning exercises as the photos show.


With the online fitness you get a mixture of circuit training or bootcamp favourites as well as the fitness training my own customers would do.



I will keep this brief, I trained between 1992 to 2003 in judo, karate, jujitsu, submission grappling, shootfighting and dabbled in other martial arts such as thai boxing.


I trained for around 11 years and completed north of England level in Judo in the late 1990s.  I enjoyed training in different martial arts rather than sticking to one style.


In 2017 after 14 years away I returned to training doing the groundwork side of judo and Brazilian jujitsu, after clearly gaining some weight.


In the 1990s I competed at 9 and 1/2 stone, and by 2017 (photo on the left) I was 15 stones, or 95kg.  After 9 weeks training, I had lost 2 stones in weight (photo on right) and my weight would eventually settle at 12 stone 4 pounds a couple of months later.


I personally lost 3 stones in weight in 5 months (3-week Christmas break included) with one martial arts training session per week.



  • Ideally you need to try the eating ideas, these are optional.
  • Combine the eating ideas with the online fitness training.


On the left is prawn korma, it takes around 10 minutes to prepare and cook.


There are around 35 recipes from stir fries, curries, slow cook meals, various soups and healthy snacks such as salmon and brocolli fishcakes.


All are very filling, include good quality food, easy to make and are essential for you if you want to see the best results.


The eating ideas also includes the morning shake recipe.  This is a recipe and not a nutrition or weight loss shake.



£20 for the diet (35 recipes)


No equipment needed

£6 per session (pay as you train)

1 week unlimited fitness training - £12

2 weeks unlimited fitness - £20 (£25 with the diet)

3 weeks unlimited fitness - £26 (£31 with the diet)

4 weeks unlimited fitness - £28 (£33 with the diet)

Anyone who completes 2 live sessions each week for 4 weeks gets an extra week free, so 5 weeks for the price of 4.


£28 for 5 weeks training.

What if I miss the live sessions?

If you miss any sessions then the recording of the missed session can be sent to you.


No equipment needed

Live sessions are recorded so people who miss lives can do the workout that they missed.  However, some people choose to do recorded workouts and train at a time more suited to themselves.


Paying for blocks of recorded workouts

You can purchase one of the recorded live fitness sessions and train at a time to suit you, you recieve all workouts in one email.

1 pre recorded workout - £6

3 pre recorded workouts - £15

6 pre recorded workouts - £20 (£23 with eating ideas)

10 pre recorded workouts - £25 (£28 with eating ideas)



We train at a time to suit you and do the kind of fitness that best meets your needs.


Personal Training - £20 per session.

No equipment needed

You do not need to be a member of a gym to do any of the fitness sessions, nor do you need any fitness equipment in your house to be able to do the personal training.


We arrange a time and day between us to do the personal training.


Monday-  6:30pm


Tuesday - 6pm and 7pm


Wednesday - 7pm


Thursday - 6:30pm and 7:30pm


Friday - 7:15am


Zoe, a 40 year old mum of 3

She lost 9 pounds in weight in 4 weeks and lost 23cm from tummy and tops of legs.  Zoe did the pre recorded workouts option.

Kelly, a 34 year old mum of 4

Like Zoe, this customer also did pre recorded workouts.

Further results from Home Personal Training.

Huge losses in 4 weeks for 32 year old customer, she lost heavily from her lower tummy area, as shown using the red line.

Size 14 to a more toned size 10 for 45 year old mum of 6 (below), achieved in 7 weeks, she also lost 1 stones and 5 pounds.

Changes in 8 weeks for customer age 30, she lost almost 70cm overall.

27cm lost for customer age 22 with lower tummy and tops of legs (people in this age range always see fast results) in 6 weeks.

Ideal for 30 somethings who want to gain a leaner, more toned all over shape (not gain a muscular look).

Males are a doddle to get results for, 5 weeks apart for photo below.