(Pricing options under the before and after photos)

  • Train at home
  • No equipment needed
  • No financial contracts
  • Budget gym prices for results as seen below
  • No having to queue outside the gym, if there is a one out one in scenario (which won't be fun when its raining in November)


(Pricing options and full description of workout under the before and after photos)

34 year old mum of 2, changes in 4 weeks.


She lost 11 pounds in weight and 36cm overall, her tummy area was heavily reduced.

Customer age 42 below, she went from 11 stone and 5 pounds to 10 stone and  5 pounds in 4 weeks, 1 stone lost.

Customer age 46 with fibromyalgia, she lost 76cm in 8 weeks with tummy area seeing good reduction.

36 year old mum of 3, she lost 4 stones in 5 months

One training session per week needed for the customer below to gain a leaner shape.

Customer age 49 who had suffered two strokes, she was quite limited with movements.  However she lost 3 stones in 3 months and lost 135cm from all areas of the body.

Changes in 5 weeks, males are easy to get in shape and so will see very quick results (as you would expect).

30 year old mum of 2, she went from 9 stone and 13 pounds down to 9 stone and 3 pounds in 6 weeks (10 pounds lost).


She also lost 43cm from all areas of the body and lost heavily from the tummy area.

45 year old mum of 6 (below), she lost 1 stone and 6 pounds and went from a size 14 to a more toned size 10 in 7 weeks.


Her lower tummy was heavily reduced.


You need to follow the diet (over 30 recipes) and combine this with the fitness training, below is a quick description of the diet.

Included in the recipes are stir fries, curries, soups, slow cook recipes and healthy easy to make snacks such as salmon and brocolli fishcakes


This is a photo of a very simple prawn korma which takes around 10 minutes to prepare and cook.


There are over 30 different recipes to try and you'll save a fortune switching over to this method of eating.

All recipes have easy to follow instructions.


£20 - all 30 recipes (including the morning shake recipe).


Pay as you train £6


Unlimited number of sessions for 1 week - £15


Unlimited fitness sessions for 14 days (plus the diet) - £20


Unlimited fitness sessions for 21 days (plus the diet) - £30


Unlimited fitness sessions for 28 days (plus the diet) - £35

  • If you do a before and after photo then you get an additional week free (5 weeks for the price of 4).
  • If you continue the following month then its £24 per month.
  • These sessions are streamed online via zoom and so you train within your home, no equipment is needed.
  • If you miss any sessions then a recording of the session can be sent to you.


The personal training is better if you have specific needs for your workout, or if you prefer to train at a specific time.

1 personal training session - £20

1 personal training session (plus the diet) - £20

All 30 recipes plus 2 personal training sessions - £30


Monday-  6:30pm


Tuesday - 6pm


Wednesday - 7pm


Thursday - 6:30pm


Friday - 4pm


The first thing to stress is that this is not a Hiit type workout, so this is not another workout with a different name where you end up doing exercises like burpees, planks, squats or pressups (or endless boring situps).


This is very much a martial arts based fitness workout and you can see the results for yourself (all customers on this page trained once per week, apart from customer shown in 2nd photo).


This used to be a home personal training business that was forced to stop in March 2020 due to Covid 19.  I used to go into people's homes with my pads and shields and customers would spend the session doing a martial arts based workout.


Customers spent their sessions doing kicking and punching the pads, they would do floor based exercises like maggots, shrimping, leg triangles and other martial arts based exercises.  Customers would also do taitoshi and seonage drills and other martial arts based exercises.


This method of training delivered amazingly fast results for my customers and gave them a lean toned bodyshape, rather than a bulky muscular shape (hence my overwhelming client base were female).  My customers didn't want to gain muscles, instead they wanted to be lean and toned.


When the home personal training was forced to close I didn't know what to do.  One of my customers introduced me to zoom in May 2020 (I never knew you could talk to someone on a computer) and I adapted what used to be the home personal training to online fitness.